We can generate a computer aided design in 2D or 3D which creates a visual and enhanced feel for the layout of the softscapes and hardscapes. Most HOA`s request a drawing with precise measurements and scales and having a CAD design can help expedite the process.

After a design or a plan is put together the work can begin. When we install your plants and trees you can be assured that we are using the highest quality material. We hand pick are plants which translates into beautiful, uniform and thriving projects. We also offer a 1 year guarantee on new installs. *Restrictions Apply*

Being a Water Smart Contractor enables us to promote and create water-saving irrigation and landscape designs for homes and businesses. We can make recommendations that will allow you to take advantage of the SNWA`s rebate program or we can give your landscape an overhaul to change the overall aesthetics.

The importance of a properly installed irrigation system can be the difference between a thriving, leak free property or a property with dead plant material and leaks that waste water and increase utility bills. If there is existing irrigation that needs troubleshooting or repair we can accommodate on any scale. *Remember all our irrigation installations and repairs include a 1 year guarantee.

This is one of the valley`s greatest tools for promoting healthy, thriving landscapes. Fertigation is a process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed along with water in your drip or spray irrigation system. We are an authorized installer of the EZ-Flo Automatic Fertilizer System.

With a name like Taylormade you can count on us to professionally install the highest quality synthetic turfs and putting greens. We have samples for you to choose from to get the look and feel that suits your lifestyle. (TigerTurf )

Natural rock is durable and virtually maintenance free and a great way to create a sitting area or a pathway. A flagstone walkway or patio blends well with almost any type of outdoor decor, from formal to organic.

Pavers are an excellent way to add resale value to your home with a walkway or patio. They can be formal or contoured, both of which are aesthetically pleasing and create curb appeal. Pavers come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns which can create an endless array of design possibilities.

Whether going with a pre-fabricated block or a natural rock, retaining walls and raised planters add an attractive enhancement to any property. In most cases these attractions are used for flower beds or gardens but they are not limited to these uses.

There is no better way to enjoy your landscape after a hard days worth of work and the sun has fallen. Low voltage lighting illuminates your pathways, trees or other focal points and features within your landscape. We use commercial grade wires, transformers and fixtures with a vast number of styles and colors to choose from. (www.vistapro.com)

Finally your project is complete and you need to maintain and sustain your investment. We have a thorough and comprehensive maintenance program which includes everything from cutting grass and weeding to pruning trees and fertilizing. Each property is unique and calls for different services and programs but after our consultation you can be sure we will create a program that fits your needs and is Taylormade to you!