How to Know if a Pool Is Right for Your Backyard

A swimming pool can be incredibly refreshing during the long summer months, and it’s a great way to entertain kids and guests for hours on end. However, it’s also a significant investment, and it’s often difficult to visualize the effect it may have on the overall look of your landscaping. If you’re trying to decide whether a pool is right for your backyard, here are some things to consider:

Yard Space

Many homeowners worry that a pool won’t work with their landscaping. Because a pool takes up a significant amount of space, you may worry that it will make your backyard feel smaller. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that pools often do the contrary, making backyards seem larger – if you choose the right pool.

Size and Shape

Pools aren’t one-size-fits-all. A great pool builder can help you choose a pool size and style that works with your existing landscaping, enhancing the design of your backyard space. You can choose a pool of practically any size, and there are a large variety of pool shapes to consider as well.

Landscaping Features

You can also add features to your yard to make the pool area feel cohesive with your existing landscaping. Wooden decks, natural stone and tropical plants are all popular options for creating a backyard oasis. Many homeowners state that the pool is their favorite part of the backyard, adding color and visual appeal where it was otherwise lacking before.


Most homeowners choose to install a pool because it increases home value and offers summer entertainment, but there are other benefits to owning a pool, as well:

  1. Pools often increase family time spent together.
  2. Swimming is great low-impact exercise for children and adults.
  3. Many people experience significant stress relief when splashing in a pool.
  4. Pools are great for hosting birthday parties, dinner parties and other events.
  5. Kids need a place to burn excess energy during the summer, and swimming is one of the best solutions you’ll find.

How to Pick the Right Pool Builder

When it comes to installing a pool, the most important decision you’ll make is choosing the best builder for the project. With a great pool builder, you can voice any concerns and have your questions answered by a professional. They will go over options with you and help you come to the best decision for your home. When choosing a builder, consider the following:

Are they family owned? In general, a family-owned company is the best way to go. They are familiar with the concerns of a typical homeowner, and they’re generally considered more trustworthy than larger corporations.

Do they have significant experience in the pool industry? You should always use a professional company that has an extensive history in the industry. When building a pool, choose an installer who has a long track record of happy customers.

Do they offer a good value? When you’re making any significant investment in your home, you should never choose a builder based on price alone. Instead, compare the overall cost to the quality of work being performed. Oftentimes, a price estimate that’s much lower than others is a red flag; the work may reflect the low cost.

Generally, if a pool builder has these three qualities, you can rest assured that they’ll do a great job installing your new pool.

If you still have concerns about your pool project, talk with a builder about your options. They can discuss pool sizes, shapes and other ideas for your backyard, so you can have a custom pool experience that fits your landscaping and budget. When the dog days of summer hit next year, you’ll be happy to have a refreshing retreat in your own backyard.