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Landscape Design Las Vegas – Health Benefits Of Having A Landscaped Garden

Garden landscaping comes in many forms depending on the preference of the owner. It may be tropical, Zen, Mediterranean, or forest inspired. Having a neatly landscaped garden is not only beautiful to look at, but it also adds more value to your home. These may be the most obvious benefits, but its advantages are […]

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Lawn Care Services Las Vegas – Things You Should Know About Lawn Care

When looking after your garden, the lawn is a central element in the process. And while it might seem simple enough, there’s more to care than mowing it from time to time. Everything from soil care to composts to watering needs to be mastered. At Taylormade Landscapes, we offer the best lawn care services […]

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Landscape Design Las Vegas – Tips You Need To Know For Your Landscape Design

Are you designing your first garden? Good for you. Gardens make our lives better: they improve air quality, invite us into the sun and shade, shelter us from wind and rain, and soothe us with visually relaxing natural tones of green and brown. If you need help designing your landscape, Taylormade Landscapes can help! […]

Landscaping Contractors Las Vegas – Landscaping Rules You Should Never Break

Your home’s exterior appearance is important, whether you like to admire your garden from your living room window, host regular backyard barbecues or have a youth soccer team practice out front on the weekends. Planning the right landscaping purely for aesthetics or utility is imperative to help you achieve the right look and level […]

Lawn Care Services Las Vegas – How to Boost Your Home’s Value with a Beautiful Lawn

A healthy, green lawn does more than beautify your home: it also boosts your home’s value. It’s true! Much like a new coat of paint or updated fixtures, a well-tended lawn boosts curb appeal and helps potential buyers fall in love with your home – on first sight! At Taylormade Landscapes, we […]

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Landscaping Contractors Las Vegas – Pros of Landscaping Services

Lawn services can restore your yard and make it healthy again. Taking care of your lawn is required by many residential areas and municipalities. However, just because it’s often a necessity doesn’t mean it should be a chore. Hiring landscaping services can do wonders for your overall property. To better illustrate how beneficial […]

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Landscaping Contractors Las Vegas – Things Landscaping Contractors Wishes You Knew

Remember when you couldn’t leave your house because of the mountains of snow outside? Neither do we. It’s something like summer now, and we’re all about the great outdoors. Good thing we’ve all got magnificent backyards, right? Oh, you don’t? Hm, well, that’s no problem we’re here to help. At Taylormade Landscapes, our services […]

Landscape Design Las Vegas – Essentials To Include in Your Landscape Design

A well laid out, comfortable landscape requires extensive planning. It simply doesn’t come together by planting a few gardens, building a deck and setting out the patio furniture. Your landscape design needs to be done correctly and should include a few essentials that will ensure your outdoor space is the best it can be. […]

Landscaping Contractors Las Vegas – Ways A Landscaper Can Help Your Home

Some things are best left to professionals. Trying to landscape your entire yard, though, can be a nightmare. From taking care of trees, rocks, and soil it can feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. At Taylormade Landscapes, our landscaping contractors can create a masterpiece landscape for your home and turn your dream […]

Lawn Care Services Las Vegas – How To Get A Lush, Green Lawn

Many homeowners strive for the perfect, emerald-green lawn, but it takes more than regular mowing. Lawn care requires a dedicated effort and the ability to troubleshoot problems as they arise. At Taylormade Landscapes, we provide the best lawn care services in Las Vegas. We can create the perfect outdoor environment that will make your […]